Combination of Sweet and Satisfying Fillings- Grab a Fig and Cinnamon Jam Recipe

By on Sep 21, 2015 in Delicious Food |

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Jams are fun ingredients to discover new recipes full of sweetness and thoughtfulness for you will be able to unleash that creative and delicious taste of preparing sweet surprises for your friends and family. Holiday seasons are getting nearer, so you must equip yourself with a tasty and surprising recipe with just the best flavored jam with a combination of addictive cinnamon and figs, be jelly and be jolly this upcoming holiday with this very delicious fig- cinnamon jam inspired recipe.

The first thing that you must do is to remove stems of figs and have them cut quarterly, figs are very pleasing and presentable so these are perfect for any jam based recipe. Now, grab a pot and mix sugar and water, add some zest of lemon and its juice, spice up with cinnamon and pour those figs.Wait until simmer and have that cooked for at least an hour, yet it would be best for you to have it checked regularly so that  you will never have the tendency of over cooking the fruits and make it like a paste.


Now, you see a perfectly cooked jam, you may have it jarred with a newly boiled bottle so to make sure that you have a sterilized container and you are good to proceed with the next jam!

You will need: 2 cinnamon sticks, lemon zest for 1 teaspoon, a cup and a half of water, 3lbs of figs that is equivalent with thirty figs, 2 and ¼ cups of sugar, 2 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Dissolve the sugar with water in a pot, again quarter the figs and add all of the ingredients with water and melted sugar, boil them and let simmer for an hour period, best for you to occasionally stir so that you will never bring it to burning and over cooking  and cool it when done.

These are the two common ways of preparing your fig and cinnamon jam which is one of the great gourmet food in Australia, after cooking, you may directly grab a spoon and fill your sandwich and pastry with beautifully and deliciously personalized jam, you may jar some and have it as give away for your friends and family.

You may do check the different designs and presentations for your figs- cinnamon jam and enjoy giving your full creativity and delicious cooking to your pals. Every bite will surprise them with a different layers of flavors from the refreshing figs to the cinnamon spice that will not just make them enjoy every meal, but will give you just that very special holiday-ish flavors celebrating on your taste buds. So buy your fig and cinnamon jam online and enjoy it.

There is no other way of surprising your friends and family with presents with personal touch and flavor jam, create and give joyful jams to lift up everybody’s day. You may also make it as your business; surely many will go crazy with your flavorful figs and cinnamon jam, jam it all up, jam the life up!